Plant of the Month for Erie Colorado area landscapes-May 2022

Hillside Upright Norway Spruce

Erie, CO area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

landscape-installation-Erie-Colorado-IMG_8585Hillside Upright Norway Spruce, or Picea Abies ‘Hillside Upright’ is a unique and rare form of Norway Spruce. It is columnar and will get about 12-15’ high by 4-6’ wide when full grown in 20-25 years. It has a distinct rust or brown colored stem with medium to dark green foliage with a profusion of new candles each year in spring. New growth is light green fading to dark as summer progresses. It is hardy to zone 3 and can be a beautiful focal point in any garden. Lower branches tend to be contorted and the main leader is straight and quite tall. It can grow 12” per year from the top mostly, but much less vigorous growth happens along the side branches. It likes moist and rich sandy soils, but can handle the clay soils in our Erie Colorado landscapes. Avoid spots with standing water or constantly wet ground. It prefers full sun, but some afternoon shade and some protection from strong winter winds will benefit this tree. This cultivar originated as a witch’s broom found in 1970 by Layne Ziegenfuss of Hillside Nursery, Lehighton, Pennsylvania.


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