Plant of the Month for Frederick CO area landscapes-April 2022


Frederick, CO area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Moneywort comes in two flavors…green and yellow or Golden Moneywort. Both are fairly shade tolerant ground covers, but the green can tolerate more shade than the Golden. In fact, if the golden variety is put too deep in shade, it will revert to green to try to generate enough photosynthesis to survive. You can see from this picture that the Golden Moneywort on the left side under the Spruce tree is in deeper shade and has faded to green. It flowers with butter yellow color in late spring and early summer, spreading runners throughout the remainder of the growing season, and sending down roots from those runners.

It will fill in nicely in the right conditions. It likes medium water and prefers a more loamy soil, but it can tolerate some clay soils like we have in our Frederick Colorado landscapes. It is usually planted and available in 2 ¼” pots or 4” pots, though some nurseries will stock #1 containers. Top spray instead of drip irrigate this ground cover for consistent coverage.


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