Plant of the Month for Louisville Colorado area landscapes-June 2022

Turkish Veronica

Louisville, CO area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Turkish Veronica, or Veronica liwanensis is a very low growing and super showy purple groundcover that loves full sun, and tolerates the heat of our Colorado summers well. It likes well drained soils, likes regular watering, but is moderate in its usage of water since it traps the soil moisture under its hard flat mat of flowers and foliage. It is reliable and mostly evergreen in our Louisville Colorado landscapes, and will flower profusely from April through June. It is deer resistant and pollinator friendly. Use consistent top watering to make sure rhizomes spread sufficiently and do not drip irrigate for full coverage. Lightly rake out any winterkill and watch it spread back in to a nice colorful mat of flowers and foliage.


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