Plant of the Month for Boulder CO area landscapes-July 2022

Zebra Grass

Boulder, CO area landscapes
{Plant of the Month Series}


Zebra Grass, or Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus is an upright 5-6’ tall ornamental grass with distinctive horizontal variegated stripping on the blades. Like all the Miscanthus grass, it is a great filler plant for around your Boulder Colorado landscape. They like moderate water, so are not necessarily considered xeric here in Colorado, but are not excessive water consumers. Maintenance is the only issue since they need to be cut to the ground in March or they become filled with dead and decaying material that can stifle the next year’s growth. They can handle our clay soils, though prefer a more loamy mixture. They can be used as individual specimens in the landscape design, or to frame an entrance to a gate, for example, since they have enough height and stature. They plume in late summer. Plumes should be left up for winter interest until heavy snows crush them. They can handle the snow load since they are cut back in March anyway. This makes them a good choice for areas where snow is piled, plowed, or shoveled to in winter. Plant a few in your landscape this year and enjoy.


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