May 2023 Plant of the Month for Broomfield Colorado area landscapes

Weeping White Spruce

Broomfield, Colorado area landscapes {Monthly Series}

Weeping White Spruce (Picea glauca ‘Pendula’) is a fabulous tree for our Broomfield Colorado landscapes. They are a sturdy spruce for the climate here, require little upkeep, grow relatively quickly, and stay narrow so they fit into the smaller properties being built on currently in the newer subdivisions.

They have drooping branch structure, so they shed snow load well with minimal branch breakage. They are low to medium water users, but don’t like wet feet, and are drought tolerant, like most established Spruce. Their top leader growth is profuse and upright whereas other weepers may bend and bow at a whim. They will grow to 35’ tall and about 8’ wide at the base. They are a show stopper centerpiece for a bermed bed, or as a corner accent next to a home or structure. Plant them in your yard and enjoy their rapid growth and year round beauty.

Photos by David White, Patrick Standish and aleksandarlittlewolf.

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