April 2023 Plant of the Month for Longmont Colorado area landscapes

Coral Bells

Longmont, Colorado area landscapes {Monthly Series}

Coral Bells, or Heuchera are a mostly evergreen perennial flower with large and often colorful leaves with tall spiky flowers of various colors, but generally white, pink and red. The brighter green and variegated varieties do better in part sun or filtered shade, and the darker burgundy to almost black ones fare better in part shade to shade. 

They require regular watering to become established, and then are generally drought tolerant here in our Longmont Colorado landscapes. They do not do well in full sun. There are about 37 species, with many cross hybridizations. They do well as mass plantings as their abundant foliage will cover a large area of the planting bed easily. They are not invasive and do not spread by rhizomes. They range in size from about 8” tall to 30” tall. Mulch well when planting and again in fall before winter weather. Prune out winter kill in March or early April. They are available readily in many different colors and sizes. Plant them in your herbaceous borders this spring, summer or fall!

Photos by Patrick Standish, Andrey Korzun on Wikimedia.org and Keith Williamson from Little Valley Wholesale Nursery, used by permission.

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