Plant of the Month for Longmont CO area landscapes-January 2022


Longmont, CO area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Agastache or Hyssop is an aromatic flowering perennial in the catmint subtribe that contains 22 species. They are mainly native to North America, and the genus was established in the mid 1700’s. Common ones used in our Longmont Colorado landscapes include Agastache rupestris or Sunset Hyssop, Agastache aurantiaca or Coranado Hyssop, Agastache cana or Sornoran Sunset Hyssop and Blue Fortune which is a hybrid (of which there are many). There are many others as well, but they are all low water users so are quite xeric, prefer well drained soil, like full sun to partial shade, and generally bloom in summer through fall…they are not early bloomers. Hyssop can get quite large, 3’ or more if in the right location, so be sure to give them plenty of room, even though they are small when planted or at the beginning of the season. They will do well in rock gardens or crevice gardens. The flowers on some of the more common varieties have upright spikes of tubular flowers, and hence, the hummingbirds love them! They are also deer and rabbit resistant (nothing is deer or rabbit proof!), because of the strong minty or other scents. They are relatively disease and pest free, but in Colorado one might find spider mites in the dry heat of summer. Simply wash off with overhead spray a few times to remove. Incorporate them into your landscape soon and watch the pollinators arrive!

Photos by Keith Williamson of Little Valley Wholesale Nursery; From Wikipedia: Dick Culbert; Charlie McDonald and; Benh LIEU SONG.

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