September 2021 Plant of the Month for Erie Colorado area landscapes

Furman’s Red Salvia

Erie Colorado area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Sept 2021 Furmans Red Salvia glacier view landscape for Erie Colorado

Salvia greggii ‘Furman’s Red’ is a drought tolerant xeric plant that blends well with western native plants and attracts hummingbirds. It is the most cold tolerant of the Salvia greggii family and blooms in late spring, often throughout the summer depending on conditions, and again in the fall. It was the 2005 Plant Select winner and is also deer and rabbit resistant. Its open airy growing habit makes it a great choice for slopes and hot, dry areas. It is hardy to zones 5-9, but some sites list it as zones 6-10, so here along the Front Range in our Erie Colorado landscapes, it may be considered and behave as an annual. A heavy layer of mulch over the roots in winter should allow it to re-sprout in the spring, though not always. It is a show stopper and for the hummingbird attraction, it is worth planting year after year regardless. It’s is also great as the center piece in planted pots. It is tolerant of most soil conditions, but does not like excess moisture. It likes full sun and is great as a border plant. It gets about 18” high and 24” wide. Plant in the spring to insure the best root growth and chances of survival the following winter.


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