June 2021 Plant of the Month for Boulder Colorado landscapes

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

Boulder Colorado area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry-Boulder-CO-landscapingPurple Leaf Sand Cherry or Prunus x cistena is a medium to large shrub with beautiful burgundy leaves in summer and small white flowers in spring. It has an open growing habit with lanky branches if left unpruned. It can be shaped, but our Boulder Colorado landscape and harsh dry climate in winter can be tough on this species, often leading to some winterkill. It is best to leave it in a more natural shape, pruning slightly after flowering to help it fill in and look more dense. It is hardy from zones 2-8.

It will grow 6-10’ tall and slightly narrower in width. It likes moderate to moist loamy soil and full sun, but can handle dry conditions once established. It works well as a specimen plant to accent other green foliage since the burgundy leaves persist throughout summer. It may have small fruit in late summer that birds like. It is susceptible to a wide range of insect and disease pests often leading to a short lifespan. However, if properly maintained, it adds great color to any garden.

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry-Boulder Colorado landscape service

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