May 2021 Plant of the Month for Longmont Colorado landscapes

Windflower Snowdrop

Longmont Colorado area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Windflower Snowdrop or Anemone sylvestris is a small, shade-loving perennial flower that shows up early in the spring as fresh foliage, but then can bloom profusely throughout the late spring and summer. It thrives in areas where there is not weed barrier and will spread and colonize well in a woodland-type setting. It has great fuzzy foliage and drooping small white flowers. It works great as a ground cover so keep it bordered or edged each year to keep it from spreading too far.

This plant is native to dry deciduous woodlands and meadows in central and western Europe. Planted among other shrubs and trees, it acts as a ground cover and will attract butterflies. It is deer resistant and likes fairly loamy soil, moderate water, and partial shade. Find a section of your Broomfield Colorado landscape that fits its native habitat and plant 5-10 for a show of spring color.

Longmont Colorado-landscaper-Windflower2

Photos by Keith Williamson Little Valley Wholesale Nursery

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May 2021 Plant is Windflower Snowdrop City is Longmont, CO