April 2021 Plant of the Month for Longmont Colorado landscapes

Yellowtwig Dogwood

Longmont Colorado area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Yellowtwig Dogwood or Cornus sericea ‘Flaveramina’ is a rounded shrub that gets 6-8’ high and wide, has bright yellow twigs or stems, and is known for adding outstanding color to winter landscapes. To go with that, it adds loosely arranged white, flat-topped flowers in mid-spring, dense leafy green foliage in summer months, followed by white berries in late summer. The foliage turns yellow in the fall and the yellow twigs add bursts of color to the winter landscape. It looks stunning when backed by Pine, Spruce or Fir trees in winter.

It likes moderately moist soil, can tolerate clay soils but prefers loamy rich soil, and can handle wetter settings in low-lying areas as long as it has a chance to dry out a few times a year. Since it is a larger shrub, it can often drink up-standing water in low-lying areas and transpire that water quickly in the heat of summer. Make sure to give it plenty of room as it is a rather large shrub. It can take full sun but prefers a bit of protection from intense heat. It can also thrive in a more shady environment, so it really is an adaptable shrub. Try one in your Longmont Colorado landscape this year!

Photos by LeBeau Bamboo Nursery

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Yellowtwig Dogwood Longmont colorado glacier view landscape