March 2021 Plant of the Month for Thornton Colorado landscapes


Thornton Colorado landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Now is the time to accessorize! In this main picture example, we assisted with color selection and suggested a use for the small flagstone patio space. Tying in the color of the seat cushions with the potted foliage next to it, and, in contrast to the white chair and red flagstone, this color combination adds character and interest to a once simple space. Adirondack chairs with a small table at the end of a secluded path or a stone bench with a unique view are ways to draw people into the garden space and present them with an opportunity for an experience in your garden.

Landscaping, Garden and outdoor spaces Accessories

What do we want from our gardens? For many, providing an experience and a memory is the goal. A fairy garden, a piece of metal art, a stone sculpture, a mirror, a wind chime; all exist to enhance the garden experience and create a memory from it; all exist to elucidate a bygone era of tranquility and remembrance; all provide a palette for sculpting a thought of tomorrow’s dreams. Their use is subtle, working off the shapes of the plants, the textures, the smells, the sounds. The bench or seating provides the moment in time to pause and reflect. And each garden is as unique as its owner.

Find accessories for your Thornton Colorado landscape at antique stores, at thrift shops, while traveling abroad, or for those so inclined, create your own. There is no end to what the imagination can bring, but, again, be subtle. Accessories are just that, no more, and no less.

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