July 2021 Plant of the Month for Broomfield Colorado area landscapes

New Mexico Evening Primrose

Broomfield Colorado area landscapes {Plant of the Month Series}

Plant of the month series July 2021 for Broomfield Colorado landscapes-New Mexico Evening Primrose

New Mexico Primrose, or Oenothera speciosa ‘Rosea’ is a heat loving perennial that will thrive in hot rock gardens or standard perennial gardens. Give it some room as it likes to spread via rhizomes (roots) and will take over a given area easily. Prolific Pink to rose colored flowers bloom continuously from May to August or sometimes later. Great for mass plantings as a ground cover where color and fill is needed. It can handle rocky, poor soil, but really spreads in loamy soil as long as it is not too wet. It is drought tolerant and loves full sun. It is resistant to deer, is native to the Southwest, and has a fragrant flower. It gets about 10” tall and again, it spreads, so plan on containing the edges each year by shovel, or contain within solid borders. Beware, it can be invasive, so plan accordingly. If planted in the right location, it can have very showy and heavy blooms which close at night and open in the daylight.

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