Yucca is July 2020 Plant of the Month

July, 2020: Yucca

Boulder Colorado area landscapes – plant of the month

Yucca for Boulder Colorado area landscapesYucca is an extremely drought tolerant plant. Narrow leaf Yucca is the most common in our natural landscapes along the Front Range of Colorado. There are larger and smaller varieties as well as variegated ones. They have a fleshy long tap root that can store water easily so it can survive for months without any appreciable rainwater. In our Boulder Colorado landscapes, it is often planted in rocky areas or in rock gardens, or in rock crevice gardens. It is extremely resistant to our harsh climate. Once planted, it can be kept looking more like a specimen plant if given a little water between rains, perhaps on a drip system with the smallest of drip emitters. The example shown in the picture is a variegated variety in bloom. They may or may not bloom every year. This example had not bloomed in five years until now. They do not need amended soil when planted and can tolerate loose rocky soil, clay, or a more loamy mix, but they do not like to be overwatered. Careful selection will find that some do not have the sharp pointed leaves of the native species. Give them a little room to show off their sword like leaves and they can be a focal point of any rock garden.

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