Red Cone Norway Spruce Summer 2020 Plant of the Month

Summer, 2020: Red Cone Norway Spruce

Longmont, Colorado area landscapes – favorite summer plant

Red Cone Norway Spruce or Picea abies ‘Acrocona’ is a dwarf cultivar of the full size Norway Spruce that brings eye catching raspberry colored cones to the tips of the branches in early May, even when young. It is a medium paced grower for an evergreen, growing 6-10” per year. It is very cold hardy down to zone 3, tolerates most soil conditions though prefers a slightly acidic, evenly moist soil. Like all evergreens, it does not like to have its feet continuously wet. It will top out around 10-12’ in 20 years and end up about 6-8’ wide. It is easy to grow and care for, but like many small evergreens in moist areas, conifer red spider mites can occasionally be an issue. It becomes less of an issue in the Longmont Colorado landscape because of our generally warm and dry conditions.

Red Cone Norway Spruce is a great single addition to a small garden as a focal point. It can be planted in groups in larger gardens, but it really lends itself to a specimen plant for spring interest due to the contrast of bright red cones to light green new growth. They are not always available at local nurseries. Shopping for unique dwarf conifers is a challenge. Buy it when you find it!

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