Blue Muffin Viburnum is June Plant of the Month

Plant of the month series June 2018 for Boulder Colorado landscapes


Viburnum dentatum Blue Muffin is a compact form of Arrowood Viburnum. It has serrated leaves and rich, creamy white flowers in flat topped clusters in mid May through June. Flowers fall and are replaced by vibrant blue berries which birds love and that can persist into winter. It provides a striking contrast that stands out against the foliage throughout the summer and fall. Blue Muffin is a well behaved shrub. It maintains its shape and grows a little more upright than wide, reaching 5-7’ high and only 3-4’ wide. It can easily be pruned from the bottom up into a vase shape which allows for many types of companion plantings below it in the shade of the shrub. It requires moderate watering, even when established.

It attracts bees and butterflies, will tolerate clay soils, and is hardy in USDA plant zones 3-8. It is an adaptable plant to various light conditions, though will prefer some afternoon shade for best results. It prefers moist loam soils, and moderate water, but will be somewhat drought tolerant once established. It fits quite easily into the landscape due to its stature and ease of care, though it should be pruned only after it is done flowering in the summer. It can handle aggressive pruning occasionally if needed. Find a partial shaded larger area in your yard and experiment with one or three. Expand to larger hedge areas if space provides and use as a living fence. Mingle with Fine Line Buckthorn for a more formal look.

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