Plant of the Month for Frederick Colorado area landscapes-December 2022

Putting Your Landscape to Bed for Winter

Frederick, Colorado area landscapes {Monthly Series}

There are only a few simple things that need to be done in December to prepare your plants and landscape for winter here in our Frederick Colorado landscapes. Since you probably winterized your irrigation system in late October or early November, if the ground has not frozen, drag the hoses around and give your plants one last good drink of water before everything freezes over.

If the ground is already frozen, don’t water, it will just run off. Drain all your hoses so that if you need to winter water in January, they will flow freely. Clean up any remaining leaves and debris that has blown around with our November winds, but don’t worry about making it spotless. Leaves left around the bases of trees, shrubs and perennials will provide some insulation above and beyond the mulch that is there and can be cleaned up in early March before things begin to show signs of coming alive again in the spring. Those leaves also provide shelter for pollinators wintering over in Colorado. Don’t be a clean or neat freak…the winds will just mess it up anyway. And here is the best advice for your gardens for winter…ignore them…go have fun, go play in the mountains, go snow shoeing, go skiing, go snowboarding, go cross country skiing, go tubing, go…just go and get away from the work of the gardens! That’s it. Happy Holidays.

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