Redpoint Maple is January 2021 Plant of the Month

January 2021: Redpoint Maple

Erie Colorado landscapes – plant of the month

Redpoint Maple-erie-colorado-landscapingRedpoint Maple or Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr.’ is a drought-tolerant, heat resistant, and relatively fast-growing maple in the red maple family. It is special because it has been cultivated to be resistant to the typical chlorosis found with many Maples in our Erie Colorado landscapes. It has superior red colors in the fall and a smaller 5 point leaf than some of the “blaze” maples that are common here. It is pest and disease resistant and is easily maintained.

Like all maples, it would prefer a nice loamy soil, but it can handle the clay and homogenized soils found in typical subdivisions. It likes full sun and moderate water to become established. Slightly smaller than most Maples, it will top out at about 40’ at maturity in 30 years and will maintain a nice pyramidal shape, widening to about 25’ at maturity. Deep red foliage is consistent and forms early in the fall season and will maintain color throughout the fall. These are great as street trees, or as single character, specimens to plant under in the landscape. Like all Maples, be sure to wrap young trunks for the winter with tree wrap to prevent sunscald and cracking on the southern exposure side of the trunk.

Photo by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

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