Weeping Serbian Spruce is November 2020 Plant of the Month

November 2020: Weeping Serbian Spruce

Erie Colorado landscapes – plant of the month

Erie Colorado Landscapes-Weeping Serbian SpruceWeeping Serbian Spruce or Picea omorika ‘Pendula’ is a highly ornamental slow-growing weeping Spruce with pendulous drooping branches and usually a strong upright leader. It may, however, decide to bend and droop, and then send up another strong leader, leading to a unique shape. It is a great singular specimen tree as an accent to any Erie Colorado landscape. It likes full sun as do most Spruce. It is tolerant of most soil conditions and moisture conditions but does not like to have its feet wet. It is not very tolerant of urban pollution, so is not best curbside on any busy urban street. It might like a little protection from the wind.

Native to Serbia, the omorika species was discovered and named in 1875 and has been cultivated since as a prized landscape specimen. It can live to 80 years or more in the landscape. Prior to the late Pleistocene ice ages, it had a much wider spread in Europe than it does now, limited to a narrow part of the Drina river valley of western Serbia and eastern Bosnia.

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