‘Mini Man’ Dwarf Manchurian Viburnum is September 2020 Plant of the Month

September, 2020: ‘Mini Man’ Dwarf Manchurian Viburnum

Longmont Colorado area landscapes – plant of the month

‘Mini Man’ Dwarf Manchurian Viburnum, or Viburnum burejaeticum ‘PO17S’ is a miniature variety of the 12’ high Manchurian Viburnum that was discovered by accident in Montana as a strange stunted version in a 50’ long hedge of 12’ Viburnum. Completely by chance, in 1999, a plant propagator from Fort Collins, Colorado, Scott Skokergoe, visited a nursery in Montana and happened to spot this strange mini specimen in the hedge of larger Viburnum. He knew what to do.

Landscapers and home gardeners often struggle with what to plant in small, confined landscapes, and many of the Viburnum and other species of flowering shrubs just end up being too tall for the smaller suburban residential Erie Colorado landscape. With Scott’s keen eye and a single seedling, he propagated the 2016 ‘Mini Man’! It has creamy white flowers in the spring followed by red berries that turn black in the summer. Burgundy to red fall color follows the dark green leathery leaves of summer and it is deer resistant as well. A cold hearty and Colorado soil tolerant plant, this will thrive until it reaches 4-5’ in height, maintaining its compact round shape. It can take full sun, but will prefer partial shade and might even handle a more shady environment if it can get at least 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. Find them and try them in your landscape soon.

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