Sienna Glen Maple is the October 2019 Plant of the Month

October, 2019: Sienna Glen Maple

Plant of the month series for Boulder Colorado area landscapes

Sienna Glen Maple or Acer x freemanii ‘Sienna’ is a great Maple hybrid for Boulder Colorado landscapes because of its resistance to wind stress, snow loads, and soil conditions. It is a stout, pyramidal Maple, that is medium to fast growing, but has stronger wood than Autumn Blaze or Fantasy Maples. Its fall color is a combination of yellow to orange to red, but often exhibits mostly yellow and orange in most Colorado fall weather. It requires moderate water as do most Maples, and it is striking because of its dense and upright branching, hence the resistance to snow loads.

Boulder-Colorado-area-Sienna-Glen-Maple-landscapingIt was found on an abandoned farm in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. It has more fine textured green leaves in summer than Autumn Blaze Maple and the dense branches are prone to less drooping. It is a naturally occurring cross between Acer rubrum (red Maple) and Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple), and this cultivar has been deliberately hybridized as a Freeman Maple. They are especially resistant to chlorosis or yellowing of the leaves as some other Maples are prone to.

This is a full sized Maple that need some room to flourish. The one in the picture was planted as a 2” caliper specimen in 2015 so this represents 4 years of growth since planting. It has a nice shape and is just starting to go yellow/orange in October for winter dormancy. Plant them if you have the room and need shade.

They won’t disappoint.

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