Weeping Norway Spruce-Dec. 2017 Plant of the Month for Boulder, Colorado landscapes


Weeping Norway Spruce, or Picea abies ‘Pendula’ is a great centerpiece for any entrance courtyard, patio area, or next to a water feature. It really is best anywhere a focal point is needed. Long drooping branches held up by staking gives the landscape a soft feel, a flowing feel. As with all Norway Spruce, it has shorter, dark green needles and is slow to grow. It will like an amended, fairly well drained soil, rich in loam. It will struggle in heavy clay, but has been known to survive on our Front Range poor soil nutrients. Left to itself, without staking, itprefers to be prostrate and thus can be planted at the top of retaining walls to cascade over the edge. It likes moderate water, and, when newly planted, will not tolerate excessive moisture.

Once established, it is rather drought tolerant, though it will want a bit more water than what falls naturally here in our Erie, Colorado landscapes. Just take care not to overwater. Being a sprawler, Weeping Norway Spruce might need some light pruning as it matures to keep it as a formal specimen. Long pendulous cones will adorn the top of the tree as it ages. No two will be alike, so single specimens are preferred for character in the landscape. Find one at your local nursery….they will not be found in big box stores, and plant one in a special area in your landscape.

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