Plant of the month. March 2016 DWARF BLUE EASTERN WHITE PINE


Pinus strobus “Blue Shag” is a compact blue-green globe shaped pine that has distinctive two tone needles, similar to the Vanderwolf’s Pyramidal Pine. They are great as character accent specimens in the garden, or as a center showpiece. Their year round interest provides winter color in any Boulder Colorado landscape.

Like most Pines, “Blue Shag” needs full sun but this one can handle a little part shade. It grows to 3-4’ high and wide and will maintain its globe shape without shearing. It requires regular watering, but will not tolerate having wet feet. ‘Blue Shag’ is one of several of the Eastern White Pine cultivars, but this one seems to do best along the Front Range of Colorado. It tends to be intolerant of pollutants so it is not favorable near a roadway, but prefers to be tucked in a back yard oasis.

Like any of the evergreen cultivars, “Blue Shag” can sometimes be hard to find and is a little pricey. Care should also be taken when planting to make sure to not overwater in the first year. It prefers rich soil, but will tolerate our clay soils if amended with compost sufficiently. Try one out in your secret garden for years of enjoyment, but be patient as they are slow to grow.